Women's linen clothing - Size - 34

Clothes with a touch of nature: Czech Production and Sustainability! Discover the uniqueness of linen garments made by Czech seamstresses from European fabrics. Each piece is timeless and also planet-friendly. Discover the magic of the comfort of wearing linen, where beauty and comfort are combined with sustainability.

The small pleasures of everyday life - get a piece from our sustainable, Czech-made linen collection. Top quality from a Czech manufacturer with the unique wearing comfort of linen. Thanks to timeless cuts, colours, high quality linen material from Europe and the quality work of Czech seamstresses with years of experience, your clothes will last you multiple seasons. Moreover, thanks to the characteristic property of linen - that it cools in summer and warms in winter, you can wear it almost all year round. The dress is softened by the finishing touches, it won't shrink anymore and you don't have to iron it if you dry it on the wool programme or 30°c for 30 minutes at 800 rpm and then just hang it on the hanger.