Terms and Conditions

1. Company

H & D, a.s.
Olomoucká 37
Prostějov 796 01 Česká republika
Telefon: +420 582 305 600
Fax:       +420 582 305 667
e-mail: info@hdas.cz
www.e-hd.cz, www.e-hd.eu, www.e-hd.store

H & D SpA, ID: 60748451

Terms and Conditions are valid until the issuance of new conditions.

2. Order

The purchase agreement under which the sale of goods is realized by the seller to the buyer arises pursuant to a binding confirmation. In case of advance payment the seller undertakes to reserve goods until the due date specified in the order confirmation. Buyer will be charged by the seller in connection with the closing of the purchase contract at no cost to use the means of distance communication. Offer shall be valid throughout the site offering the online store www.e-hd.eu .

3. Cancel order

Cancel the order by the purchaser:
The buyer has the right to cancel the order without giving any reason at any time before its binding confirmation. After binding confirmation only by mutual agreement. E-mail contact: info@hdas.cz

4. Withdrawal from the contract

Withdrawal from the contract is governed by Act No. 367/2000. The buyer has the right to cancel the purchase agreement entered into within 14 days of receipt of goods. In that period, the seller must be notified in writing of withdrawal self-signed with the buyer undamaged, and an unused goods in original neopotřebovaným inclusive package. Seller has the right to cancel the purchase agreement entered into in those cases where performance becomes impossible for any reason.

5. Terms of delivery

Deliveries of the subject of the (ordered products) will be subject to availability of product and service options seller implemented as soon as possible or by agreement with the buyer. Sampling point is determined based on an order buyer. In fulfillment of delivery shall be the subject of the delivery to that location. Transport to the destination address provided by the seller, the costs associated with transport are charged according to the agreement. Shipment of goods always includes tax receipt.
Ensure delivery of goods throughout the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

6. Additional changes in the data

Changes will be made by mutual agreement

7. Responsibility for defects and warranty

An integral part of business conditions, the claim terms that are in full below.

8. Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. To be able to offer a valuable service, we need to know some of your personal data. This data is protected against misuse and will never be provided to any third party.

The performance of the rights of the data subjects is set out in the GDPR statement in the footer of this website.

Register, the applicant for news, participant surveys, and any other forms of registration automatically agree that you can be informed about news from our online shop or by phone. If you still do not wish this information, you can stop at any time by sending them to the procedure in each message sent.

9. Sales of goods and payment

Seller is the owner of the goods it sells and the buyer (customer).

Goods are the property of the seller until full payment of the price of goods. Payment of the full amount is carried over point in the delivery of goods (freight forwarding companies through contract), or bank transfer as specified in the order confirmation in a way that the seller's account must be credited the full price of goods after deduction of bank and other charges.

10. Complaint

General provisions and definitions
The Complaints Procedure has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Act no.89/2012 Coll. Civil Code, as amended (the Act) and applies to consumer goods (the goods) in which they are applied within the warranty period of the rights of the purchaser liability for defects (the claim). The seller is a company H & D, Inc. based Olomouc 37, 79601 Prostejov, ID: 60748451, registered in the Commercial Register kept by Regional Court in Brno, section B, insert the 1580th The buyer is an entity that has contracted with the seller to purchase goods.
2. Warranty conditions
In the event that Goods obvious defects, the buyer is entitled not to accept goods. In this case, the purchaser remains entitled to receive the proper performance by the seller or to refund the purchase price. The choice made by the buyer. If on receipt of goods not in conformity with the contract (conflict with the contract), the seller is liable to the purchaser for defects identified. In the event that the purchaser after receipt of the goods occurring during the warranty period defective goods, the buyer can exercise their legitimate claims. The warranty period shall be governed by applicable provisions of law, therefore amounts to 24 months, except as provided by law. The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases provided by law. The withdrawal is effective against the seller from the moment he delivered the buyer a written statement of withdrawal. In the event of cancellation of the contract annulled and the beginning of the contracting parties are obliged to return everything you have provided on this basis.
3. Complaint Handling
Complaints shall be applied at the headquarters of the seller. Complaints including the removal of defects must be dealt with without undue delay, within 30 days of the claim, unless the seller and buyer agree on a longer period. After this period the purchaser has the same rights as if they were irremovable defect according to the Consumer Protection Act č.634/1992 Coll. In a situation where you need to send the goods to the seller the buyer leads in their own interest, so that the goods were packed in an appropriate and adequately protecting packaging material satisfying the demands fragile goods transportation and shipment marks the appropriate symbols.
4. Final provisions
The claims regulations take effect 1. January 2014. Changes in the claims procedure reserved.

Final provisions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all business transactions concluded between H & D, Inc. and the buyer. Buyer means a natural person as a legal person. Legal relations between the two Parties arising out of closed orders are subject in the case of individual provisions of the Civil Code, a legal entity by the Commercial Code.

Depending on the change of the relevant legal standards, as well as trade policy of the company, the company H & D, Inc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. This change is effective and appropriate manner the company announced on the website www.e-hd.cz, www.e-hd.eu, www.e-hd.store.